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New Features in Java 8

Each subsequent version has introduced new concepts. Some Were major releases having major changes where as some releases contained minor changes from previous versions. Java 1.8 has introduced many new features.

New Features In Java 1.8:

1. Lambda Expression(Click Here For More Details)

2. Functional Interfaces

3. Default Methods in Interfaces

4. static Methods in Interfaces

5. Pre-defined Functional Interfaces

6. Stream APIs

7. Date and Time API

8. Method Reference and Constructor Reference by double colon (::) operator

Benefits of Java 1.8:

(1.) Java 1.8 has simplified programming to a great extent. Large lines of code (prior to Java 1.8 can be replaced by few lines of code in Java 1.8.
(2.) Benefits of functional programming can be obtained from Java 1.8 .
(3.) Java 1.8 has introduced Parallel processing which greatly enhances application performance.