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Data flow design in Software

What is Data flow design??

Data flow design is a way of designing using data flow models. It depicts the processing of data using data flow model. Data flow models are used to show how data flows through a sequence of processing steps. The data is transformed at each step before moving on to the next stage. These processing steps are program functions when data-flow diagrams are used to document a software design.

There are various symbols used for showing different components of data flow diagram. These symbols represent functional processing, data stores and data movements between functions. Data flow diagrams are also known as bubble charts. Data flow diagram is a designing tool used in the top-down approach to Systems Design.
Description of symbols used in data flow diagram is as below:

• Entities

– Entities are source and destination of information data. Entities are represented by a rectangle with their respective names.

• Process

– Activities and action taken on the data are represented by Circle or Round-edged rectangles.

• Data Storage

– There are two variants of data storage – it can either be represented as a rectangle with absence of both smaller sides or as an open-sided rectangle with only one side missing.

• Data Flow

– Movement of data is shown by pointed arrows. Data movement is shown from the base of arrow as its source towards head of the arrow as destination.